Problems of modern batteries

Nowadays, the most commonly used batteries in mobile devices are those that are lithium-based, such as Lithium-ion and Lithium-ion polymer known as Li-ion and LiPo. Unfortunately, they generally do not like extremes that reduce their lifespan. Those extremes are high or low temperatures, as well as discharging to 0% of their capacity or charging up to 100% of their capacity.

The GentlyCharge solution

The GentlyCharge solution consists of an Android or iOS mobile application and a USB charging adapter.
It is compatible with all the Android phones and tablets, and also with an Apple iPhone or an iPad.
  • Charging limits

    GentlyCharge will automatically disable charging at the maximal desired level to prolong the battery life. It also reminds you to charge your battery when the battery level drops below the minimal percentage.

  • Heat protection

    Mobile devices tend to dangerously heat up during charging. GentlyCharge will monitor your battery temperature and automatically pause the charging to cool down your device and prolong the battery life. And once your device is cooled down enough, the charging continues.

  • Battery info

    The GentlyCharge app gives you an overview of the battery level over the time, as well as a real time information about the battery health, voltage and temperature. This information can help you to keep your battery in great condition.

GentlyCharge Efficiency

We tested GentlyCharge on modern Li-ion batteries and found out that charging from 10% to 90% extends battery lifespan 1.73 times more. Even better results are achieved by charging with GentlyCharge from 20% to 90%, which extends battery lifespan 2.83 times more. According to our research batteries from all manufacturers are equally affected by charging with GentlyCharge due to the use of the same technology of lithium-based batteries.


Modern lithium-based batteries can explode when they are overcharged or exposed to high temperatures. Luckily, they are not likely to explode thanks to electronic protection inside of each battery. However, GentlyCharge gives you the extra layer of security with a heat protection to avoid high temperatures during charging, as well as an overcharge protection thanks to the charging limits.

Battery Replacement

Most of the modern mobile phones have a built-in battery. That is why replacing the battery is expansive and difficult. If you extend the battery life with GentlyCharge, you won't have to replace your battery in future.

Battery replacement demonstration on Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 7.
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